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Getting Started

Project Conception

First, we listen to understand what type of project you're interested in accomplishing. Then, we will align with you to clearly sort out your wants and needs. We'll work with you to set budget expectations and timelines.

  • Align Needs / Wants

  • Set Budget Expectations

  • Basic Planning

  • Set Timeline

Evaluation & Planning

Project Development

In this phase we will evaluate the information we've received. Taking all aspects into consideration, we'll develop the best project structure for you. We will set clear goals and communicate the plan. Project objectives, deliverables, and key milestones will all be organized in preparation for the project launch.

  • Assess information in Phase 1

  • Create objectives

  • Plan milestones

  • Communicate project plan

Launch & Design

Project Launch

A lot happens during this phase - coordinating resources for the project, meeting and development updates. We'll connect you with an interior designer if needed so that you can work with a professional for that specialty.

  • Coordinate resources

  • Connect with tradesmen

  • Optional Interior Designer

  • Prepare style, color & more

Order & Installation

Project Execution

Once the design & style is confirmed we'll handle the ordering of all materials for the project; this includes woods, cabinets, tiles, paint and much more. Then, once the project site has been assessed & materials have arrived building & installation will begin.

  • Order materials for project

  • Building & Installation begins

Project Close & Quality Assurance

Project Close

As the project comes to a close and all the work on the job site has been completed there are a few steps we take. First, we will inspect the work completed to make sure it's of the highest quality & meets your expectations. Paperwork & documentation will be finalized and soon enough you will be ready to go!

  • Quality assure completed project

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